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Monday, March 31, 2008 8:56 AM

busy. busy. busy.

until no time to bloqq.


ive already sumarised what i did fer the last week.

+ not forqettinqq to spent time with my love ones.

qot alot of meetinqqs before the camp started.
to prepare all the nessary stuff like logistics needed for each qame.
to have a plan B if anythinqq goes wronqq.
and not to forget cut and paste stuff.
+++ spent more time with my beloved club members.
here's a few snapshot of what we did..

this is what we usually do durinqq meetinqq. CAMERA ready to roll on ~ cheeze.

eh, i should say rather successful ?

though there were alot of hip ups.
but overall we managed to finish the camp with a smile of everyone's face.
which i felt rather contented. (:
anyway, i felt that after this camp, i get to know my club members better. (: the strength and weakness of each and everyone.

qot it from pauline's bloqq.

eh, club members, where is the camp pictures ?!


hurryyy leis ! excited la.

no pilinq up work to complete.
happy (:
i requested to end my contract earlier.
SO, tmr last dayy already. hoo hooo ~

COS, im qoinq.. HOLIDAY !
finally it's my turn.
but school is reopeninqq on monday.
time really flies.
so fast holiday endinqq.
sadded *

and also not to forget time with my friends. (:

picture speaks a 1000++ words.

huii chanqqinqq new style. *wuuu ~ pretty right.

and can you imagine huii had been laughinq over this thinqqy fer half of the day ? cool uh. *

hmmm, what do you think is this resembles ? haha. * for you to guess and huii to answer. hehe ~


lastest news from mummy.

it's 10C out there.. our destination.

i think when we reach there, we are gonna turn into snowmen.


alright, gonna have more pictures tmr.

steamboattttt with beloved cliques ~ !

lookinq forward + damn excited. lonqq time nva catch up with you guys already after the chalet.

work tmr. so qood niqht and sweet dreams to me. (:

ended, 1am.


Sunday, March 23, 2008 9:31 AM

now, 12.45am
i am thinkinqq where did i stop postinqq.
quite busy nowadays.
took the jab already.
even chit- chat with the nurse.
and i told her a few storyy of mine.
sound quite amusinqq uh ?
huii another funny one la.
keep lauqinq when im takinqq the jab.
she told me not to scare. she say "very fast one". everytinqq would end in a while's time.
i classfied all these as "fonqq lianqq hua".
bleahx. XP
huii took one foto for me after the jab.
- funny.
anyway, onlyy managed to take a few shots that day.
tmr qoinqq school for meetinqq.
qotta sleep earlyy.
niqht !
and, enjoy. (:
cutie huii.

ginnyy after jab.

loved XP

ended, 1.23am.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008 7:57 AM

today is a busyy dayy for mieee.

so sorry club members.
i ps your last min.

earlyy in the morninqq 8am.
my boss called.
cos diane on mc.
it's damn busyy la.
like those usual days.
not even time for toilet.

AND also sorryy litinqq.
i think this is the second time alr.
but from your comments i suppose its a fun one riqhht.
then i shall cya in the camp k ?
miss you.

another issue.
tmr qoinq fer jab.
ahhhh.. can dont want ?!
needle freak miee out la.
somemore i need to take 2.
okies. huii, ill tell you more tmr kkies. (:
muacks !
i also miss you.

niqht x2

ended 11.17pm


Monday, March 17, 2008 9:16 AM

i thouqht it was my holiday ?


Sunday, March 16, 2008 9:45 AM



nothinqq much to sayy.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008 9:01 AM



shaq, bodyy achinq, stomach ache.

im down with stomach flu.
qosh, i hate this.

anyway, sorryy that i threw tantrum at you aqain.
AND also thks fer your breakfast.

loved !

there's work tmr, so there is a need to slp early.
qood niqht my dear friends.

ended, 12.04am


Sunday, March 9, 2008 12:34 AM

now, 4:34pm.

ytd reached home quite late alr.
so lazyy to bloqq.
and now i shall start off about it.

ytd went out with huii.
sorry quys if im unreachable.
cos non took my fone with him fer his haircut with all those jap jap kids fotos inside.

hmmm, as usual late again.
sorryy huii.
* you know, habits are hard to chanqe.

as ive been subject to chanqe since sec sch days.
but, failed !

i acc her to the open house to browse thru all the different courses.
hope huii can qet the riqht choice fer herself.
no matter what, i'll be by her side to support her dehs.

hmmm, now i start to miss yee le.
She went back to taiwan for ard a week or so alr.
how are you there?
hmmm, hope you are doinq fine yo.
she promise to qo for a date with us before i qo china for HOLIDAYY.

and im waitinqq.
i suppose huii too right.

another qood news i recieved ytd niqht.
dar dar pass her license alr !
and im freakinqq happy for her la.
reallyy delighted and excited.
yeah, next time she can drive miee qo tou fonqq alr.
shoppinqq also can buy more stuffs.
dont hab to squeeze with others in the public transport.
reallyy cant imaqine.
then next she was askinqq miee.
" when are you qettinqq yours ? "
eh, this is a touqh question yo.
she sayy she can, i also can dehs.
this is a real motivation fer mieee.

hmmm, mayb i should really find time fer this.
then next time take over mummy dehs place when she drives.
then drive mummy's car to shoppinqq and school etc.
wahahahahas ! XP
cool !
* see, now im dreaminqq alr.

We went to IT fair.
what to say ?
people pushinq and squeezinq her and there.
we just spent some time browsinqq over there.
conclusion : i reallyy hate crowds.

anyway, before that we went to watch the leap years.
an unique show indeed.
i find that the English they used inside really make great senses.
we were like havinqq an english lesson thru the movie.
cool riqht ?

hmmm, tmr workinqq alr.
cfm damn busyy.
cos as mentioned above.
im qonna b solo for the job as the main went fer holiday.
i hope i can handle the situation there.
* and still rmb the pointers she told mieee.

anyway, i took a few pics with huii ytd.
pictures speaks a thousand words.
blur visual effect is nice too.



when it comes to mirror. =D

huii always do this kind of thinqqs dehs.
snap people when they dont notice.

ended, 6:29pm.
uploadinqq picture reallyy takes alot of time.


Friday, March 7, 2008 8:33 AM

now, 1233am.

he's, outside with frens.

today started workinq alr.
my workinqq place is at mediacorp.
hmmm, what to comment ?
im soooo busyy.

busyy till
- no time to catch my breathe.
- no time to qo to the ladies.
- lastly not even have the time to have a sip of water.
as when things qets busier, everythinqq would just b forgotten.

i agrees with what huii sayy.
i miqht end up havinq a bladder problem real soooonn.
she is really cute.
without fail to make mieee lauqh.
even in the mrt.

this few dayy, upon recieving huii msg.
without fail, i will try to contain my laugher.
as i dont wanna others to think that mayb this lady here whether is she mad or sth.
frankly just laughing by herself.

anyway, i enjoyed this job.
even thouqht it's hell busyy.
and im qonna solo the next week.
ahhh... i donno whether i can cope with it.

as least i wont have to b like those promoters.
standinqq lonqq hours, earn.... [ ops, no offences ah ] , PEACE !
eeek. it's not my type.

he sayy i onlyy do high end jobs.
what to sayy ?
* fussy mieee.

alriqht, shall end here.

tmr meetinqq two of my love ones. =D

ended, 1248am.


Thursday, March 6, 2008 2:43 AM

ello. today is my first postinqq.
must start off somethinqq interestinqq.

hmmm, i think i will talk about what are the fun stuff that happens ytd as today im trapped at home cos tmr start work le. =x
ytd went to town with huii.
was reminded miee to brinq umbrella.
but, hu tu dehs wo forqet about it. =x

then ended up cauqht waitinq at buildinqq for so lonqq.
SO, huii and miee decided to ran over to cinne as it is just one traffic liqht away and we thouqht that the distance to our destination is short.
this is the most funny part, we had a small countdown before we ran.
at this point of time, i ran and lauqhed so loudly at the same time. [ cant controlled ] =D
we dash over with our fastest speed but who knows, when we reach there, the qreen man blinkinqq alr.
the worst part, left with onlyy 2 secs.
of cos we not so stupid la to wait for another traffic liqht.
haha. we just ran over.

i think people will b thinkinqq, why this 2 qirls need to run and also hold hands at the same time.
=x omqq, will people think that we are lesbo ?
hmmm, bu huii bahx hor.

when we reach cinne, we alr become drenched like....
- hair is messy.
- clothes is wet.
- shoes wet.
- make up were smeared.

aiyoo. so many messes.
next thinqq of cos qo toilet.
then the toilet was like so stuffyyy and im sweatinqq down there.
lols. you really dont want to imaqine about it.

after that, we went to purchase ticket [ meet the spartans ] .
i will rate it 3/5. not as qood as we thouqht initally.

tell your a small secrets, huii and miee tabao our ice-cream to the cinema as we cant finish it when we had our meal as it comes tqt with it dehs.
hmmm, huii ah. you nauqhtyy.
lols !
actually it was my idea. =x

== the couple sittiinqq besides mieee smoochinqq all the wayy since the film started.
hmmm, still makinqq so much noise.
reallyy cant tolerate. -.-

then huii and i took a lot of fotos.

huii took my camera and keep on takinqq my pictures, what to do, i just keep on posinqq like as if she is a professional photography and a model of hers. (:

huii so cutee.

playful qiNn.

hehe. us.

see, huii habinqq so much fun. (:

here's another one.

artistic shot.

like a little qirl. =D

huii & qiNn.

lols. but overall i think we are more like havinqq fun instead.

Muacks !
lubb huii.
ended, 745pm. =D