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18th October

It does not depend on how long one knows each other, it depends on how we value one another.


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Sunday, August 31, 2008 12:00 AM

umm. havent been posting up recently.
one word to describe : lazy. =p
but not to worry, i will try to post up more.
well, my holiday had been quite slack.
did nothing but sleeep and sleeep.
anyway, that's my hobby right. =D
but of cos, working out and meet-ups with my love ones and friends is never forgotten.
school is reopening in a couple of days time.
oohh man.
i hate it !
have to get to know new friends and adapt to the new surroundings. -.-
YQ is sickkk.
ummm, i suppose school-ing and hall stuff are really tiring him out.
haben been able to get enuff rest recently. :x
time management is important.
but no worries, we try to work things out alright? (:
have your medicine on time !
drink loadsa water.
i will try to see what i can do for you. (:
hmmm, pictures below are taken with kate; my dar.
on Aug 19th and 20th. (:
she did her hair extension and reallyyy beautiful (:
annndd this point of time, i found out that im missing her unconsciously.
a few dayys ago, she drove to my house.
as usual, we chatted over our bla bla bla...
loads and loads of topics; never ending.
you know girls luh especially with your girlfriend.. =p
she made me wanna get my license like real sooonnn. (:
alright, i shall let the fotos bring you around..

we went shopping (:

in the process...the playful her. =p

while waiting.. to kill time i did this. heee. =p
taaaa daaaa ~ (: done.
20th Aug 08.
her 19th birthdayyy (:
yummy ~ delicious swensen ice cream cake =p
her love ones (: (:

the cute dooggyyy joined the fun with us. heee (:
though, it's not really very very well done.
but sincerity counts !
what else can i say uh ?
umm, loves her loads. =D
gym session with my beloved friends tmr.. (:
exercise time !
YQ get well soooooonnn !
i miss him.


Monday, August 18, 2008 12:15 AM

people are asking me whether i have any regrets in life.
hmm, regrets? i answered.
i do have some..
but some of it is never too late to say i suppose.
actually there is sth that i have kept in my heart for quite some time.
yippp, it's related to the picture above.
my dar, kate.
i should say; my best girlfriend. (:
actually there is loads of things i wanted to say to her.
but chances are hard to come by.
she is busy with her stuff so do I.
so definitely, we only got to met up once in a while. :x

but i still remember.
during our schooling life, we have this small little journal written by us.
the book where we wrote all our dirty little secrets~
just both of us knew. =p
tiny letters and neo-prints is never missed by us.
those were the days...
so cute and innocent. (:

im not sure why; whenever i thought of her, tears will automatically rolled down my cheeks.
we have gone through alot; really alot.
speaking from the bottom of my heart, i do cherish this sistership alot.
but sometimes, my sentiments thought likewise.

but no matter what.
im going to find a chance, telling her what i had kept in my heart for theses years; on this coming wednesday; her birthday.
heee =p
and yes, she is so much loved by me !

how i wish i could turned back time.
xoxo, 1215am.


Sunday, August 17, 2008 12:00 AM

it's a bad dayy today.
i have encountered the worst moment of my life. :x
anyway, its over.
dont even wanna mentioned about it.
just wanna say thanks to those friends who really cares about me.
really appreciate loads. (:
im fine already; really.
eh, talkinqq about yesterday.
i accompany YQ to his uni friend's birthday.
he fetch me from home with his cool shades.
haha. i should sayy he looked quite funny. =p
anyway, we had tea before attending the party.
we arrived there quite late; as usual.
heh, we made a grand "hu ha" upon stepping into the house.
sad to say; before reachinqq, we were so well dress.
but peeping from the car's window into the terrace house, we removed our accessories.
eh, i suppose we over dressed.
guess what?
when we stepped out of the car, all the people came out to the garden; clapping and asking for autograph.
im not sure why they did that.
but i am pretty sure we stole the birthday girl's limelight at that moment. :X
anyway, his uni friends are all quite friendly.
perhaps, over friendly..
all of them gathered around me when he went to the gents.
i was like....
people are all asking me where am i studying.
REPUBLIC POLY; i answered. -.-
though its abit off from them.
all the people there are from UNIVERSITY except meee. -.-
obviously felt so left out.
but, i guess im cool there watchinqq tv quietly.
days have past..
i suppose i didnt had time to catch up with my dear girlfriends.
preparing with those upcoming exam before the semester ends.
every single of them are busy with their stuff too.
heyy, girls if your were to see this post,
there is sth i would like to say; i really misses you loads !
meeet up soon kkayys.
loves ! (:
moving on, pictures with my cliques on the last day of school are out.
the day we went vivo.
had a perfectly nice ambience to dine in.
these pictures are from my camera.
and the rest is still with jayson.
alright, shall let the pictures do the talking then. (:

ending off with the cutiee pictures of my cliques.
they are much loved. x3
i need my beauty sleeeeeep !
xoxo, 12am.