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Wednesday, May 28, 2008 12:00 AM

after arranging these pictures i have in my lappy.
then i found out actually ive got loads of fotos man.
due to the time constraint and to save the trouble, i picked out some of the classical shots we have durinqq the weekends.
as mentioned, its quite well spent.

On sat, i met up with my same old cliques
[childhood friends]
but sad to say, some did not managed to make it.
but its okayy, we have fun still. (:

just a short write up on the events.
Sat, we went to have a sinqqinqq session in Thomson.
the place is very cosy and comfortable like home unlike party world and k box. (:

kenneth is very funny. though he cant carry a tune, but he is sporty enuff to sinqq; unlike the toopid brother of mine. haha.

thereafter, we drove off to Chinatown for our dinner.
once again, PY introduce us a very nice dininqq place; with nice ambience and food is thumbs up. (: we snapped quite a number of pictures there.

next, we went off to Singapore Flyers. (:
its all our first time visitinqq flyers.
all of us were pretty excited. =p
the scenery is prettty with the lightinqqqs..
but, its a petty that its just a 30mins ride. :x

SUN, my family went for my cousin weddinqq dinner in Orchard.
the ambience there its not as qood as we expected.
but, my brother and i still managed to snap some pictures. (: (:

and its a very very Chinese Tradition Weddinqq style dinner.
Luckily, non and i did not really spent alot of effort dressinqq up as we were not really close to that counsin of ours.
i think what we wore were really casual that day; its like how we usually went out.
so thinqqs are quite okayy.


the bride and the groom. (: nice pink qown.

my toopid brother who loves to pester me to snap shots for him.

the nice scenery up there.

the 3 strange brothers with weird pose.

the nice red antique car..

our dininqq place.
its a vegetarian restaurant.

"Your cominqq here to eat has saved another life."

i think this is cool. but only managed to take half of the it.

chessy tomato fries. (:

japanese-style vegetarian prawn.

chessy C-food & cheesy Chicken baked rice.

and this is actually how i spent the wonderful weekends of mine. (:
qoodniqht people !

ended, 1135pm


Monday, May 26, 2008 12:00 AM

morninqq darlinqqs (:

to my surprise, i reached school early.
of cos its mummy credit.
i think its quite obvious that she sent me to school.
and, i was the first to reach class.

hmm, my weekends are quite well-spent i suppose.
shall update soon with pictures uploaded!
lesson startinqq.
bye peeps !



Thursday, May 22, 2008 8:47 AM

to my surprise, you have that said one step ahead of me.
how cool uh.
ive got no reaction towards your speech.
seriously, right now im feelinqq so confused.
my mind is in a whirl.
and now you really makes me wonder.. whether the decisions made was right; right from the beginning.
what i really need now; is a break out from this busy and complicated city.
i guess no one really understands me now. :x
ended; 1118pm


Tuesday, May 20, 2008 12:00 AM

hi people (:

hmm, nothinqq much to update too (:
just some pictures to fill my bloqq.

i miss nokie. :p

and nokie is back from taiwan. =D

lols, with loads of gifts (:

anyway, my fav gift is the limestone edhardy cap snapped below.

but i still missed the one that i lost from China. :x

im felt so guilty in the way i treated you.
but i just couldnt helped it.
` beinqq indecisive is just me.
qod please guide me through. :(

ended, 1245am.


Saturday, May 17, 2008 12:00 AM

i suppose im going to update weekly for my blog.
im gettinqq real lazyy this few weeks.

i doinqq my mask NOW and bloqqinqq at the same time.
cool uh ?
pimple outbreak is hauntinqq me recently. :x
what to do ~
hate it man.

today, i woke up around 11am by mummy.
and we went to do pedicure.
as usual she foot the bill.
but, this time round...
i dont really like the nail art drawn on my toes..
not nice, not my style.
but, i didnt voice it out as it was mummy's fren shop.
"bu hao yi si to do so."
sooooo... :x

anyway, ive found out actually yogurt is DELICIOUS.
MANGO & PEACH yogurt recommendated by ms wk.
yummy yummy (:
ive finish both cups already.
and so im gonna shop for it real sooon !

hmm, academically; abit disappointed over my grades.
my straight A's for the module is spoilt by a relief faci.
partly also my fault luh, im late for like 10 mins ?
so overall, cannot blame.

time is precious ~
this few days taiwan news and papers had been spamminqq over the news about the Earthquake in China..
and ive been tunninqq onto it.
this is really a biqq tragedy.
50k people died over this incident.
10k remained buried.
its a sad piece of news.
babies and kids were buried alive.
i think they were the most innocent parties involved.
they knew nothinqqq yet qod did this to them.
pictures and the castinqq of the news just broke my heart.
tears were shed.
parents lookinqq for their kids names over hundred pieces of survivors list.
hopinqq that their kids were still out there waitinqq for them...
kids cryinqq out for their parents.

A NOBLE MUMMY protected her few months baby from the Earthquake.
she huqqed her tightly.
she text with her last breathe on her fone.
and she died..
upon hearinqq this, ive the goosebumps on my hand.

what can i do for them?
nothinqq i suppose?
this tragedy just reminds me of how fortunate we are; HERE; livinqq in Singapore..
so people; please treasure what you have. (:

total eclipse of my heart.

qoodniqht people; 1155pm. (:


Sunday, May 11, 2008 12:28 AM


its been awhile since i update uh.
sorry people.
i guess im struck by the lazyy qod.

hmm, have been doinqq fine latelyy i suppose.
anyway, yesterday i just qot to play mahjong with my family as a celebration for mother's day.
no tai.
AND.. guess what ? im the overall WINNER.
haha, happy.
but didnt really won much as we dont bet that biqqq sum.

nokie flyinqqq to taiwan tmr for a week.
so nice luh. (:
i also wanna qo. :x
we were jokinqq that nokie can stuff me into the luggage.
then i can import over.
haha, what a silly joke right?

and dardar.
guess you are very busy recently.
but if you are free, do call me out for dinner uh ?
ginny cant wait till the end of the month. =p

and my huiihuii also !
i guess sth is wronqq again. :x
but do approach me about it, can ?
cos i really wanna know whats qoinq on now.
muacks ! (:

hmmm, i guess this should b all.
qood night people (:

please clear my doubts.
ive been so vexed recently. :x


Friday, May 2, 2008 12:00 AM

ello folks ~

today is a tirinqq dayy ~

anyway, PS for today is quite easy.
just have to calculate the figures for the three study loan schemes.
and choose the best out of it; justify
simple, yet complicated.
and we skipped our lunch for this, as usual.

then UT !
FLUNG already luh, i think.
first answer already predict wronqqlyy.
ms wk already taught me before but.... haha. as usual, i forgotten. x.x
and so many blanks i left.
the moment i open the ut, i saw the graph, i totally felt turned off. ewww ~
shito, so many lines in the graph.
as usual i stared blankly for some time.
then proceed to the next question.
which i think i might b better in scorinqq.
so i dont really pin high hopes for this ut.
but i wish for a MODERATION !
hehe =p

ms wk is really best in prediction luh.
so 2 of the predictions came true today.
cool uh !

to my dearest scandal:
i hope everythinqq would b better after this. (:
like what i say, there will not be any grudges between us.
perhaps, im just too emotional at the point of time.
so let's just go back to the shweet shweet darlinqqs ever. :)
loves !

actually i felt so much better telling you the truth. (:

xoxo, 1259am.


Thursday, May 1, 2008 1:08 AM

seriously i dont understand why did i shed tears for ?
perhaps i really looks up to our 6 years of dearly sister'sship?
or am i too disappointed over you?

ive been questioninqq myself.
what have i done wronqq for all this?
you are the one that approach me to cherish this relationship.
empty promises is what you can give me?
seriously, action speaks louder than words.
i hope you will get me.

from the bottom of my heart, im speechless ~