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Wednesday, April 30, 2008 10:46 PM

one by one.
the same goes around.
your words are not reliable anymore.
or am i thinkinqq too much ?
and once again.. i hate been kept in suspense.
please bare it in MIND.

or am i really wronqq to hold on to this dearly sister'sship we have right from the beginning?
i think i shall no lonqer comment on this anymore ~


Tuesday, April 29, 2008 2:02 AM

hey people.
as promised to upload the pictures i went for holiday ~
there are really loads and loads of pictures we snap.
so i just randomly upload some. (:

there we go, we are back to SINGAPORE AGAIN !

yes, all these are our ZHAN LI PING. haha. we flood the whole bed ! cool uh?

and can you image me wearing this out to massage? haha. actually i dont really care .

one of the famous temple in Xiamen.

and.... we were caught by someone.. haha.

we took snap some pictures randomly before we depart from Spore. can see from our face, damn excited deh. XP

this is my act cool brother uh. lols !

okies, the journey starts here ! the amount of $$$$ we chanqqe to spent there.
no worries, there are more pictures to come SOON ! haha ~ (:


Monday, April 28, 2008 12:13 PM

i am a lost child now.
im really in a great dilema.
qod, please give me guidance over which path.

thinqq isnt as simple as you thouqht. :x


Sunday, April 27, 2008 3:17 PM

just for your information.
i hate been kept in suspense !


2:29 AM

morninqqq folks ~
ginny is her to update aqain.
its in the middle of the niqht, 225am.

i quess i'll pen down what i wanted before i starts my sweet dreams tonight.

* i want to learn PIANO.
- but before that i need to make sure i know how to read the notes first, before it turns out to b " san fen zhonq re tu " mentioned by mummy. =x
for nokie.

* i want to qet the contacts fixed in my eyes, but i just....
- ms wk have a hard time convicinqq me. sorry uh ! didnt mean it. =x

* i wanna travel and leave this dull and busy city :x
- to a peaceful town.
* i wanna go shoppinqqq !
- pretttyyy dresssssss to add to my warddrobe. (:
* i want my cap back which is close to impossible !
- i lost my fav and only cap brought from China. *sadded.
- i hope i can find a nicer cap =p

* i want an answer !

my heart and mind are strugglinqq.
qood nite people (:
its, 259am.


Friday, April 25, 2008 11:56 AM

Oh I had a lot to say was thinking on my time away.
from the bottom of my heart, im definitly thinkinqq real hard.
oh qod, please tell me the answer that i wished.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008 5:24 PM

ello morninqq folks.

ginny reached school damn early today leis. =D
haha, around 810am ?
lols ! nokie is late so i cab over to school.
so this is the reason im early.

today is Engineering cost decision. =x
heard from litinqq its A MATHS !
oh man ~
sian. formulas again !

ytd never bet on that match, just becos the singapore pool closes already.
its a draw anyway !

and i edited a few pictures yesterday niqht.
i think quite cool uh.
haha. =p

alright, lesson startinqq already.
take carie ! <3
ended, 831am.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008 9:32 AM

firstly, i would like to credit my scandal, kate for dressinq up my bloqqq.
and now, *tingg* it turns into a cutey bloqq already.
wahahah XP.
dardar, thanks loads! =D

well, lesson ended around 4pm, the kuku indian faci again.
and as usual, wastinqq our precious time for the whole morninqq, givinqq us the ERROR webby.
and name it as a GAME for us. -.-
ya, NICE GAME uh , without knowinqq the purpose and instructions of it; LAGGING most of the time that really irritates us; refreshinqqq and refreshinqq the page just doesnt help. x.x

then, caused us to start doing our presentation just like half an hour before she came in.
we are like.. kan jiong spideyy luh.. or mayb me only? haha.

immediately after class, i saw the text by dar.
she reached school already.
so i immediately ran downstairs to pick her up to my class.
she kept complaininqq hunqry in the text, so i brought her to w4 canteen.
then ms wk joined us for dinner (:
quite surprisinqq actually. =p

and i found out that my scandal really have one more speciality that others.
"healinqq my n70."
it just doesnt seems to like me.. but when its on dar's hand, its like automatically healed.
"im like omqqq, miracle luhh !"
damn happy ~ but i only manage to retrive a few fotos from it. then white screen aqain. -.-
hrumps ! naughty n70 !

after that our dinner, we sat down there chit chattinqqq awhile.
then proceed to one stop.
actually dar and ms wk wanna battle dj max deh.
" the battle between the fresh man. "
wahaha. sound cool uh ?
but due to some wifi thinqqy the psp couldnt connect.
so perhaps, next time if there is a chance?

and ms wk, practice harder.
we will have challenge next time when you master the keys.
haha. (:

my dearest scandal, please b optimistic.
im sure thinqqs will just b fine in a while's time.
or maybe tmr? haha
and no matter what goes on, i'll b by your side. (:
just a text / rinqq me up , i'll teleport there.
kkayys ?
but before that i need to repot my MP first.
wahaha. XP

oh man ~ crapppinqq again.
alright, to prevent more nonsense from me, i better stop my post here !

to hold or to go?

niteyy people !

ended, 1259am


Friday, April 18, 2008 12:24 AM

yippy ! class ended like so earlyy la.
problem quite easy.
its 305pm now.
happy (:

but... the worst thing is that i cant qo back home. =x
awww, qonna stay back for meetinqq and SLA and it starts only at 430pm !
1 and the half hour to wait.. ><
i wonder how lonqq will the meetinqq last....
hope we can finish meetinqqq asap !

yesterdayy met up with dardar. =p
damn happy and excited dehs. =D

dardar and i went for dinner after school at cwp.
we had pasta mania and we each collected a PM coin.
so cute. (:
and over there, we saw ~~~~~
and we decided not to sit beside them.
see them alreadyy SD.

my scandal and i really have loads and tonnes to share.
and... we have yet to finish our conversation; the sky turns dark already. x.x
what to do, i still have school today.
anyway, we still have a date to qo soon !
endless conversation between us~
i promise we qonna chat till the next morninqq and i DONT ALLOW you to sleep..
wahahahaha. *evil grins by ginny*

hahaha. dardar, i hopes our plan works !
and you promise its qonna b waterproof plan uh.
make sure it is. (:
muacks ! and now im startinqq to miss you ~ hehe.

and hors, i think the lotion we brought from BODY SHOP quite useful leis.
i tried le.
then now im motivated to use it already.
not qonna b lazyy =p

oh ya, too busy talkinqq yesterday. not even time for photos. LOL !

alright, update soon !
its, 343pm.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008 5:18 PM

ellloooo ~

qood morninqqq.
its a miracle, i wakey up so earlyy.. its like 745am on wed.
lols !

hmmm, no school today so i classified Wednesday as one of my favourite day in the week!
as i can finally take a break from my school pile of work. (:
yay ! happy.

perhaps im pretty exhausted..
this few days, i slept without havinqqq my lappyy off.
waste electricity =x

in class..
yesterday the kuku indian faci seems to b quite anqry or mayb i should say disappointed over the class. you know why ? cos durinqq her 6p, actually there is like no one listeninqq. and she forced us to draw a table on the whiteboard. haha. as expected, no one volunteered. then she abit .. so the atmosphere is abit weird. x.x so... from 330pm our 6p's draqqed till 415pm. can you imagine? lols. but i also think she quite ke lian la. like when she speaks, no one even bothered to answer her..

and yes. one more thinqqy to add on. i've got myself another A. =D
i think i really needa give myself a pat on my shoulder already.
haha. * quite weird uh ?
im startinqq off thinqqs well.
so im happy (:

just received the camps pictures from kiat and its uploaded !

enjoy folks. (:

workinqq in progress..

shy can * =x

debby and ginny at work !

ended 856am.


Sunday, April 13, 2008 7:38 AM

now, 1038pm.

ginnnyy loves prawninqqq. (:
with YQ.
i think he is cute.

tmr school already =x AGAIN !
i want a lonqqqqer weekends !
* reluctant.

some grades are out alreadyy. ive got myself an A and a X.
pon-ned school on the first day just becos i landed on Singapore only ard 5pm++
wasted uh.
anyway, a good start for myself. (:

AND.. gradinqqq is damn slowww.
my faci are all slackers...
haha. =D

pictures to b uploaded soon ! (:

niqht people !

ended, 1042pm.


Thursday, April 10, 2008 9:06 AM

ginnyy is back from holidayy !

and now, school starts....
and its time to start mugginqq ppts already.


overall the class was okayyy except for some i guess.
not to mention who they are.

hp lost !
* sadded. =x

quite random i know.

anyway, time for bed or else gonna b late for class again. =x

ended, 12.16am


Wednesday, April 2, 2008 1:34 PM

i am going off to airport now. take care peeps !

and gonna b out of town for this few dayss.

and something to say.. i lost my n95 ytd.
* what to do?!

ended, 515am
i think im going to miss nokie. :x