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Wednesday, July 30, 2008 12:00 AM

today is a borinqqq dayy.
i stayed at home for the whoolleee day.
really cannot imagine i did this on my PRECIOUS wednesday. LOL.
all thanks to the 2 utss straight in a day; tired.
grr. cramps and aches are getting me irritated.
NUS school is starting.
means YQ is gonna b real busy i suppose.
he just moved in to the hall yesterday.
hope he can adapt to the environment there soon.
no matter what, ginny will always be around. (:
work hard !
not long ago, serena and me did our usual routine again.
then back to class, we influence our cliques to be like us.
heee. really having fun with her around.
she is as crazy and cute like meee. (wahaha)
*girl, you can pull through this. we will always be by your side. (: stay strong.
really love her and my cliques man.
they are so funn and funny.
the pictures below will tell you the reason.
our 1,2,3,4,5 shot. heee. (though, mine is really ugly)
talking about time management.
to my personal opinion; busy is an excuse.
if you are willing, even its just a meal time; just a couple of hours. you will try to squeeze out a bit of it. 24 hours is all managed and planned by ourselves. so, how are you going to deal with these is all under controlled by you. everything is possible; its just a WANT OR NOT from you. sounds familar ? LOL.
flashes back of memories are unstoppable.
and its bound to come back.
even my heart couldnt explains why.
sometimes i felt that i dont really understands myself.

i might appear happy and cheerful on the outside.
but deep down, who really knows ?

jayson classic pose. =p

and my classis pose.

hey, its my shawl . haha.

heh, i am fast.
this time round faster. bleahx =p

awww, i really cannot believe man.
just 2 more weeeeks.
we will be in different classes.
time really flies.
how i wish i could have a time machine`
i think really need that.

30 july 08


Saturday, July 26, 2008 12:00 AM

i have been wanting to post this entry for like a decadeee ago.
:x busy !
recently, after the extention of serena's hair we have found out that we have a common interest.
we should have noticed it like earlier ago right? haha.
jayson, Ps ! due to you having a nice and good fone. (:

just not long ago, ive a very "fishy atmosphere" in my class.
everyone is sooooo OBESSESSED on FISHES. *the addictive game*
we will never leave the topic about fish. its ALL ABOUT FISHES !
the crossing breed-ings, the sick fishes and the researches of fish environments etc..
and you know what?
our friendly facilitator knew what we were doing along in his lesson.
he said sth damn funny.
LOL. cos wherever he walked to, everyone was playing fish and not concentrating in his work.
teee heee. =p
i really feel bad.. haha.

yesterday night, im damn tireddd. :x
i fell asleep throughout the bus trip which i dont usually does.
and straight after i reached home, upon waiting for my brother to finish his shower, i fell asleep.
soooo, i slept from 730pm toooooo 932am in the MORNING.
OMG. hum bin right?
mummyyy thought i was sick or what, she came into my room like a couple of times asking me whether am i feeling alright. LOL.
AND... I forget to REMOVE MY MAKEUP. -.-
and i slept throughout the night.
can you imagine?
then there goes the PIMPLE BREAKOUT.
i hate it man.
i really wonder when will this tooooopid pimples go away?
*** stress.

it's a long day today, will blog about it some time later.
and post the pictures up real sooooon. (:
and currently these are the recently taken ones.

the little cliques with cute queueing styleee (:
a candid shot.
haha. the forever laughing girls. *evidence!

there goes the clique again. so cute. =p

introducing : serena the BIG bully :x HEE.
the lonqqqq hair we've got. (:

playful shot *
just received the fotos from nokie.
that day, we went downtown east; e hub!
we had our dinner at Fresh Bulggogi.
the Korean-styled restaurant serves the stewpot in smokeless induction roasters.
we had the seafood stewpot.
overall the food quality; not bad. (:

sleeping time !


Saturday, July 19, 2008 12:00 AM

im still sick. :(
it isn't getting any better.
my head, my voice, my nose..
this explains why im staying at home today. :x
just, when the moment i opened my eyes, i saw the msg by katee.
she might wanna stay over at my house tonight.
im happy and at the same time dont. :x
im afraid that i might pass the virus to her.
so i turn her down.
we had always been planning on upcoming events, so many exciting stuff we thought of doing, but nothing usually will happen.
mayb this is our trend, bad time management. :x
my girlfriend, huii.
received her testimonial early in the morning.
then, she say ginny CONFIRMed is sleeping like pig NOW.
yes, i dont deny kkays.
its quite true, but not exactly like PIG uh. =p
at least im more graceful hor.
cos i usually dont wakiee so early during weekends.
anyway, ever since the chalet, miss her alot too !
lets have some meet up time soon kays.
hope she is doing good out there. (:
I have a fun chit-chatting session over our dinner with 3 of my classmates.
we have a recap over our sec school life bla bla bla.
though i didnt have much to share comparing to them.
but its so fun listening to their interesting stories way back.
i didnt know they were so rebellious uh.
comparing to them, i think im the most decent and good girl.
im sure they will agrees to this.
ops !
* i revealed my secret.
they are really a fun clique to hang out with.
cracking of jokes and sharing of stories is never ending. (:
UT grades out !
Operation management.
happieeee !
happier becos i get to know that liting has done well too!
cos she usually like to give me comments like "ahhhhh, die already" after ut.
i remember that day, we studied like... till library closes.
my revision companion, Yvonne and mswaikiat.
they are the best !
they are serious when it comes to REAL REVISION.
but when it comes to joke, its always funny as ever.
STATISTIC and RESULTS have shown.
once you really put in effort for something, it will be PAID OFF.
CLIQUE, lets work hard for our last UTss !
oh man, i cant imagine we are going to be like different class after 3 more freaking weeks~
most probably will be in different classes, due to our course.
im sure im gonna miss the days uh. =p
i hope i can speed up my recovery, cos i hate this feeling ! :x
dinner time !
xoxo, 650pm


Thursday, July 17, 2008 12:00 AM

im sick :(
really sick, with the change of voice, too "MAN" for me.
i suppose this is the first time i post ":("
REALLY dislike this feelinqq; so helpless and uncomfortable.
sore throat, flu, dizzyness, fever.
instant combos withthin a day.
and yes, my nose is dropping literally.
soo painful, my poooor nose. :x
im sorry my dear classmates.
i think i past this "flu virus" to your.
PS ! big SORRY to ms waikiat and bolong just becos they sat beside me that day.
i hope your will get well soon in order to reduce my guiltness. :x
im really touched by friends who really care for my well being.
a BIG thankiew !
i appreciate loads. (:
not to worry much, i will recover SOON.
i think YQ were shweet today. (:
though, you lived damn far from my area and also ill. :x
yet still wakie and fetched me from school for dinner; home.
you are the best!
you get well soon kkayys (:
b good and eat medicine.
dont be shooo stubborn !
good night peeps.
x3 11.59pm


Sunday, July 13, 2008 12:00 AM

8 July 08 marks ms waikiat BIG eighteeenn.
he said, we are not allowed to call him boy boy already.
ok, "MAN".
the cliques holds a celebration for him at party world after a few rounds of discussion.
we brought him a very SPECIAL present on that very significant birthday of his.

alright pictures speaks a thousand words.
the batch of fun cliques !
HERE comes the superstars!
the act cute malvyn.
The lady's hobby. the shweetest couple!wishinqqq...best pressize ever ! =pthe choco fun starts !!

the mastermind ~ hee.

overall, FUN !