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hello! (:
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Monday, September 29, 2008 12:00 AM

hello peeps.
a short picture post before i jump onto my cosy lovely bed.
and awaits my mac breakfast and my girl arrival.

simple and shweet.
good night. (:


Sunday, September 7, 2008 12:00 AM

and yeah.. school started ~
sooo tiring.
new class; new surrounding.
anyway, i still love my cliques more. =pp
umm, pimples break-out is killing me.
no more wear-ing of make ups to school. :x
face condition isnt gonna get better if i dont stop.
ok. random.
PP is close to complete.
anyway, im going to submit tonight; hopefully.
after that, no more PP stress !
heee =D
anyway, thanks for all the help.
finally received some out-dated pictures from sugg-jayson on the last day of class.
umm, if i never rmb wrongly, YQ brought me to dine at marche on my very very last day of hols. :x
overall, the food; not bad.
i love the mushroom soup (: yummy !
and not forgetting the ambience there; thumbs up.
though there is loads of people, as i usually hate crowds.
marche decor give people a country-side feel while dining; very heart-warming. (:
and a very special style of ordering.
alright, i shall let the fotos blog further.

sometimes, i really need someone i can turn to..
alright, the end (:


Monday, September 1, 2008 12:00 AM

You know what?
My clumsiness leads to the HUGE embarrassment. :x
Looking at my fone, I am sooo late already.
Serena is still waiting there for me + I wanna have my mac breakfast!
So, I rushed up the escalator so swiftly..
then I felled… with my mini skirt. -.-
Ya, upon reading this post I bet Serena are still laughing right now. Right? HAHA.
i know her best.
Sooooooooo… PS !!
actually that point of time I really hope the floor can swallow me down. (literally luh) haha.
and of cos, I am left with injuries and bruises all over my legs. (rahhhh ! hate it man ~)
the injuries looked like I am involved in some sort of cat fight with scratches all over. LOL.
and yes, people are staring at my legs on my trip by home. :X
anyway, luckily we changed plan last minute; in the middle of the night.
Perhaps, I can predict I am going to fall today. =p haha.
Instead of visiting the gym, we went school for PP.
i have exceeded 2ooo word limit for the report.
and yeah, im trying very hard to cut it down.
Time is really running out, PP deadline is getting nearer and nearer.
ummm, glad that YQ is recovering (:
and he commented that my green bean soup was delicious and homely.
thanks for the compliment. =D
he had 2 full bowls down his stomach.
rahhhh ! you know, I seldom cooked.. luckily my culinary skills never got from bad to worst. =)
I promise Serena next time if there is a chance, they all come over to my house, I shall prepare my “na shou” GREEN BEAN SOUP especially for her. (: (:
hmmm not forgetting to congrats wk for passing his BTT ! (:

ops ! got caught by her. =p
alright, time to heal my legs !
sleeeping time.
xoxo, loved.