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Tuesday, December 30, 2008 1:21 AM

get it over and done with. (:


Saturday, December 27, 2008 4:53 PM

my brother; algernon.
this post is specially delicated to him. (:
firstly, im proud of my bf.
now, im so so so proud of my brother too !
as for him, year 1 results were released yesterday.
6 As.
my 4 pointer brother.
initally, i think its rather hard to digest for me.
cos its unbelievable.
i can still remember, in his secondary school days.
im so pissed off with him.
cos all he know is to sit infront of his computer.
and his mind is all about GAMES, GAMES and still GAMES.
when it comes to exams, the day before he will just take the book out and read, BEFORE HE SLEEP AND ON HIS BED.
tell me, how can some ever concentrate studying on the bed.
even i cant do it.
in the past, i used to nagged and nagged every now and then.
say till i myself also sick and tired of it.
he also couldnt be bothered with it.
and now i can finally see the changes in him.
someone that can actually see the importance of studying.
and not GAMING.
i bet mummy is jumping inside la. (:
cos her son finally did her something proud.
and non, having to emphasize; jie is damn damn damn proud of you.
keeeep it up non !
though, this time round you acheived excellent results, doesnt mean you can slack already hor !
i warn you first.
and you also grown up already, i dont want to naggg at you le.


Thursday, December 25, 2008 11:58 PM

happpieee birthday ah mi ! (:
25 december, my god mummy birthday.
everyone on earth celebrated for her.
shwwwweeet !
out of curiousity, i asked my god mum a question.
out of 10, how many of your birthday cakes is a log cake?
she told me, 10 out of 10.
then everyone is like HAHAHAHA.
and ops ! :x
ok, back to topic.
celebration was held in my house as usual.
but this year is abit different; missing of someone.
i think he does had his own celebration going on out there.
hope he had fun ! (:
anyway, had my last minute shoooppping at 10pm on the eve.
luckily managed to purchase what is necessary; the gifts for the kids and ah mi.
then reached home at a rather "early" timing with the cab fare of 30 bucks over.
somemore have to stay up to wrap up all the gifts.
10 over gifts queuing for wrapping and i ended up finishing at 6am.
then to bed and sleeeeeep.
my family members all arrived in the noon.
and im still asleeeep.
but have to wakie and entertain them with the blur face of mine.
and i didnt bother to change to a set of more presentable clothes.
thus continue with the gift exchanging session.
so pardon me for the pictures coming up below.
its a happy christmas !
kids were happpy, ah mi and mummy were happpyy, everyone is happpyy. (:

the gifts with our mini christmas treeee. the prezzieee i wrappped till dawn. my birthday mummyyyy. (: non and mummy (:

i simply just love my family.

they are fabulous! (:

i love them many many manyy.



Tuesday, December 23, 2008 11:35 PM

hello earth ! (:
went steamboat with cliques yesterday.
as usual, endless topic.
but ps, i didnt join your for the drinking session.
and early in the morning, went to the market for the ingredients.
for my strawberry cheese pastry and one more dish.
anyway, it turns out alright.
not bad for my first attempt.
but definitely, room for improvements.
shall find time to do it again real sooon. =pp
i dont have the final picture with me.
shall post in up when i got it. (:
a piece of news to share.
on that same day, it really a happy and joyous day.
that is worth celebrating for.
YQ exam results were released.
4 As and 1 B.
when i heard the results, i jumped like a little kid can.
so happiee to hear upon, as if its mine.
actually, we were rather surprised.
cos the module he scuk most got a B.
and was invited to a scholarship programme in his school even before the results were out.
i still insisted that they got the wrong mail to you.
that was so funnyyy.
damn, im so proud of my boy.
keep it up ! =pp
its a good start.


Sunday, December 21, 2008 1:08 AM

you took my heart away.
good night love.


Saturday, December 20, 2008 8:49 AM

this few days, im so into hk drama.
especially 两妻时代.
i spent 3 days to finish watching it online.
anyway, its on the SCV channel 55 at 8pm.
never regret those sleepless nights catching this.
its a very nice and humourous drama. (:


Monday, December 15, 2008 8:10 PM

my first purple rose out of 765432 roses.
one of my favourite color used-to-be. =pp
a shweet surprise from YQ.
when i asked about the price..
he told me it was 8 bucks for that.
i %^$-&@ him. -.-
he told me its alright.
its a pretty rose anyway with no artifical coloring imported from Holland.
after shopping around, we brought 2 tee from Levi's.
I got the black and he had the white one. (:
with that he actually promise having a photo session later on. =pp
and of cos, i will not miss a chance taking pictures with him.
anyway, i made him posed with the rose.
before we head back, we actually saw some stalls along the road selling the "flying saucer"
it's quite interesting, so we brought 1 back.
and on his very first try, he almost hit one uncle head at bugis street.
I was like, HAHAHA.
it's rather dangerous, so we decide to go back and play.

pardon me for this :x

Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.